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Chamber music on strings

AGATHE Ensemble is a group of talented and enthusiastic young musicians who come together to bring out some of the greatest chamber music works. The ensemble is comprised of a collective of string players who offers performances in different settings, in both small and large formations. Agathe Ensemble aims to bring out the best chamber music works as a duo, trio, quartet...octet! In this way, we explore the very diverse, interesting and broad chamber music repertoire. 


Since its creation ensemble has brought up ambitious programs including Brahms Sextet op. 36, Quintet op. 101 or Mendelssohn Octet op. 20, having performed in diverse contexts, from living room concerts to festivals such as Sint-Janskerk, Gouda and Candlelight Amsterdam.

At the present time, 2 are the regular active formations: Violin&Cello and String Quartet. Both groups develop and perform on a regular basis their own programs. Other Agathe ensembles pop up at request or by its member initiatives.


Aleksandra Kwiatkowska: Violin
Iván Nogueira: Cello

The Violin and Cello duo is a very exceptional one due to the beauty and full range of possibilities that both string instruments offer. But at the same time, it is very challenging for both composers and performers to create textures and harmonies which normally are supplied with a full string quartet or a piano. 

Great composers have written for this kind of ensemble, such as Haydn, Ravel, Halvorsen, Gliere, or Vasks. Their works are often very virtuosic, which requires high instrumental skills and good musicianship. 

Aleksandra and Iván also like to explore and adapt music that is traditionally played by other instruments, like the Beethoven duo's, originally for clarinet and bassoon, or Bartok's Romanian Folk Dances, written for piano. They are also interested in Tango and Keltic folk, rounding up a big spectrum of music styles

Translucent Strings Poster 3.jpg
Translucent Strings: Violin - Cello - Visuals

The last Agathe Ensemble production, in collaboration with visual artist Efthymios Stavropoulos.


With this program, we are looking for a curious listener who is not afraid of experiencing a concert in a renewed shape. We are more and more used to consume media content that can’t dissociate any more audio and image.

Translucent Strings aims to strengthen the connection of the music compositions with their background and meanings. The visuals will ensure that these messages reach the public.

Giving the public some hints, the spectator will have to seek himself for his or her own answers. The video will trigger the imagination and give room for self-reflection.

The program features music 20th and 21st-century music, including the premiere of Dutch composer Myrthe van de Weetering: Jiayou.

This production has been supported by Fonds Podium Kunsten.


Agathe String quartet_Karen-van-Gilst_280222_hr_01.jpg
Agathe String Quartet.jpeg
Aleksandra Kwiatkowska: Violin
Ella van der Mespel: Violin
Jasper Snow: Viola

Iván Nogueira: Cello

The string quartet is one of the most popular chamber music settings. At the same time, it demands a very refined interplay and musicianship.

We believe in a healthy relationship and attitude of all members to enjoy and letting our audience enjoy the chamber music. The musicians must be generous and listen carefully to each other. Finding compromises to work and sound as one only instrument.

The pleasure of making music together brought us to the point of becoming even more ambitious with our goals. Agathe String Quartet aims for high-standing concerts in content and performance.

Agathe String Quartet has been recently part of the events Candlelight in Amsterdam, and have launched their own concert series, named String Up! - Vivaldi, Mozart, Beethoven

The name of the ensemble is an homage to one of the greatest string ensemble works ever composed. Agathe von Siebold inspired J. Brahms to write his "String sextet nº2 op.36", which is nowadays known as "Agathe sextet". The name of her beloved Agathe is present on the main theme, represented by the notes a-g-a-h-e.

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