BlueMoon duo

Accordion - Cello

The BlueMoon Duo is comprisedby the accordionist Helena Sousa and cellist Ivan Nogueira. They met in the Netherlands at the AKOM Ensemble, where they play together. They immediately noticed that their instruments matched very well and decided to investigate the possibilities of this combination, which is not very common to find. The power and beautiful sound that both instruments make together stimulated them to take on further musical challenges.


The contemporary composers A. Hölszky and S. Gubaidulina have written a lot of music for cello and accordion, which BlueMoon used as a starting point. BlueMoon also plays music by Bach, Schubert, Spanish composers and folk music (such as G. Cassado and M. Falla). However, that music was not originally composed for their instruments, so they write their own arrangements. The new sound possibilities give a new dimension to this music, which is received very positively by their audience.


The phenomenon 'blue moon', which occurs when a full moon can be seen twice within a month, occurs on average once every three years. In 2018 there will be two times a blue moon in exceptional cases. Only in the year 2037 the blue moon can be seen twice again. Their first show AKOM BlueMoon was inspired by this phenomenon.

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BlueMoon Duo
BlueMoon Duo
Helena Sousa
BlueMoon Duo
Helana Sousa
BlueMoon Duo