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D'aire Duo

Bandoneon & Cello

D’aire Duo is comprised by cellist Iván Nogueira  and bandoneonist Anna Choi. After being born and raised in different cultures (Spain and South Korea) they both found each other in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The multicultural life for which this city is known inspired them to share their homeland's musical backgrounds, and fusion diverse folklore traditions, such as Keltic, Spanish, Korean and Argentinian tango.


D’aire Duo started its path in 2023 and has been part of a concert series for young kids in Rotterdam.

Anna and Iván like to bring their audience on a journey to their musical roots. From Galicia, Spain, they bring Keltic sounds and traditional melodies that smell of Atlantic breeze. From popular songs to fast lively dances. Going to the Pacific, they explore together the rich and ancient Korean traditional music. All these musical influences converge into tango, a genre that strongly inspires them, and also gets a place in a vibrant journey.

Foto Duo Anna and Ivan.jpg

Iván Nogueira: Cello

Anna Choi: Bandoneon

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