Keltic, jazz, classical and more with a solo instrument

On Cello. | Tones&Tunes is my new ambitious solo project, developed between 2020 and 2021.

In recent years I have gained some very valuable experience with the concerts and projects of multiple styles which I developed or took part in.


In the past year 2020, I was then able to look retrospectively at what fascinated me as a person and cellist. I felt the urgency to bring out new original music pieces of music to share my passion and musical vision of the cello with the audience.
regardless of which movement, style, or technique.

The cello as an instrument has the main and only role in the creation and origin of this music program. The versatility of the cello makes it possible to display a wide spectrum of styles and sounds, not common in the classical tradition.

Its well-balanced medium/ low register allows covering all musical functions which are needed, from the bass to percussion, and expressive melodies.

My roots and musical background are deeply reflected in this work. You can hear the Keltic sounds of my homeland Galicia (Spain), Irish jigs and reels, and classical and jazz influences.

On. Cello | Tones&Tunes has already had an online release with great acceptance! Mid 2021 will be time to enter the studio and record these new original tracks for Cello Solo. The music will be then available on physical CD and streaming platforms.

© 2021 by Iván Nogueira - IvanCello