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(Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Performer, arranger, teacher.
Classical, contemporary,
and world music
Cellist Iván Nogueira

Born in Vigo (Galicia, Spain). Music attracted me early in my childhood and at eight years old I began to play the cello at the conservatory in my home city, being Isabel Figueroa my cello teacher. I was then admitted to study at CSMA, (Zaragoza, Spain) where I continued my training with Mayte García and Fernando Arias. In 2015 I obtained my Master's degree in “Cello-Performance Practice” at Codarts, Rotterdam Conservatorium , under the guidance of Herre Jan Stegenga.


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I like to define myself as a multi-sided cellist and creator. With high-quality standards, I'm active in the development of both his own projects and collaborations with other artists from different backgrounds and disciplines. The range of styles is quite broad, being Classical music the starting point: Folk and World music, Jazz, Pop, Tango and Contemporary music.

DOT Quartet String Quartet Rottedam

In the past years, I also played along with orchestras such as Real Filharmonía de Galicia, Metropole Orkest and Orquesta Vigo 430.


Some of my own projects and collaborations have truly influenced and shaped my profile as a cellist and musician such as DOT Quartet, AKOM Ensemble, Orquesta Típica Central CSMA, Breton Piano Trio, Giovanca honors Diana Ross and Agathe Ensemble.


I also really enjoy arranging, composing and editing music, which is becoming a more relevant skill. Apart from writing music for my own projects, I've received commissions from Leerorkest Drechtsteden, Orquesta Vigo 430 and Soncello Ensemble, to name some.

In the present, I work as a freelance cellist and music teacher based in Rotterdam (The Netherlands). From 2022 I'm part of Batavierhuis, the Rotterdam-based collective of musicians and artists.

Agathe Sextet 38.jpg

In April 2021 I release my first solo album: On.Cello - tones&tunes

This work is an exploration of the cello within the folk and Celtic styles and is strongly rooted in the traditional music of my homeland Galicia (Spain). The album has been presented in The Netherlands and Galicia.

All tracks included in the album were transcripted and edited in the shape of a sheet music book, to share this music with other cellists aiming to play and perform the music. The book has been published by Grupo Beroly, and it was presented in December 2021.

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