(Rotterdam, The Netherlands)
Performer, arranger, teacher.
Classical and contemporary music.
Jazz, folk, tango and pop.

He was born in Vigo (Galicia, Spain). Music attracted him early in his childhood and at eight years old he began to play the cello at the conservatory in his home city, his principal cello teacher being Isabel Figueroa. At his graduation, he won the "End of Degree Prize". He was then admitted to study at CSMA, (Zaragoza, Spain) where he continued his training with Mayte García and Fernando Arias. In 2015 he successfully obtains his Master's degree in “Cello-Performance Practice” at Codarts, Rotterdam Conservatorium.


Iván defines himself as a multi-sided cellist and creator. With high-quality standards, Iván is very active in the development of both his own projects and collaborations with other artists from many different backgrounds and disciplines.


Iván is experienced chamber music and orchestra cellist, having performed with Metropole Orkest, Real Filharmonía de Galicia, Orquestra Vigo 430 and Galicia Youth Orchestra among others. He is also interested in contemporary performance practice. He had the opportunity to work with Nacho de Paz at Academia Para la Nueva Música (Spain), which takes place in CSMA, and with the AKOM Ensemble (Rotterdam). It was there that he performed the most important music of the 20th and 21st centuries, working with the new generation of composers.


In 2011 he became a member of Orquesta Típica Central, one of the first large tango orchestras in Spain, performing in such important venues such as Sala Mozart (Zaragoza), with great success. In the Netherlands, he also got the chance to keep developing his activity in this field with Septeto Camaleón, with whom he recently recorded its first album (May 2018).


He also participates very actively in the creation and development of multiple artistic projects, which are now his biggest sign of identity. In 2013 he creates Breton Piano Trio, a classical music ensemble that brought him to "Mendelssohn Festival 16" (Hamburg, Germany). In the same year, he also leads the creation of DOT Quartet with whom he recorded his first original album in 2016 ("Travelers") and offered concerts in The Netherlands, Greece, and Spain. More recently, he creates Agathe Ensemble, a collective of musicians that is able to perform chamber music both in large and small settings. Together with BlueMoon Duo, accordion and cello, Iván explores new sound concepts within classical, contemporary, jazz and folk music.


His last musical adventure consists of a solo program merging different kinds of sounds and melodies related to his roots and musical background, withing the Keltic, Jazz and other folklores: Tones&Tunes ON.CELLO.


Iván has also experience with editing, arranging and composing music, both for his own projects and as commissions. At the moment he combines working his own projects with being a freelance chamber music/orchestra musician and music teacher.


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